Friday, November 21, 2008

3rd day of 3-day walk pictures!

No, not just pictures of the third day - the third (and last) day we are posting pictures from all three days.  Makes more sense that way?

Without further ado:

I like the way they keep them all corralled together - these are dangerous women!

Here is the whole passel of them!  Except for Denise.  If I get Denise permission I will explain in a later posting!

Sword fighting?  Don't you ladies have somewhere to walk to?

Oh, I should probably mention: these pics are not in chronological order.  Not alphabetical order.  Not in order of how much I like them.  They are pretty much random.  If I manage not to include gingerbread and cub scouting pics I figure I'm doing a semi professional job!   I also don't know if I have an equal number of pictures of everyone.  I know we don't have enough pics of Wendy because she was too fast.  And it's not like anyone is going to count. . . . . Oh please please please I hope I have as many pics of Jeannie as I do everyone else!  If not I'll just tell her she was to fast for the camera!  Yeah, that's the ticket.   

We've met Krintines mom, and adore her.  We've met Jeannies mom, and adore her.  Unfortunately we never got to meet Barb's mom.  But given that Barb is such a dear person (seriously - of all the Team H.O.P.E. and Simply the Breast ladies and the support staff - Barb is easily the sweetest natured of us all) I imagine her mom did many thing right!  So thank you Barb Mom! 

Yes, Jeannie - that's us.  There are dozens of these signs all over town - do we have to stop at each one?

Apparently so.  But that was all I could upload for now.

Never thought I would say this but, "Cool ambulance"

I say this alot, "Cool Firefighters"

I didn't take this picture and at first I was confused.  I thought maybe Jeannie got caught coming out of a motel and hid behind these people. . . . .

Then I realized I knew them!  They are Jeannie in laws!  Wade and Lani!  I expect to see Jeannies fouth grade teacher somewhere in these photos!  

Oh good - proof that Jeannie did not sleep at motel!

Is it just me or is it criminal for someone to look so good waking up in a tent after walking 20 miles the day before?

The other Tina looks good too - but we can pretend her hair is an absolute mess under the cute hat!

Here's 'brown jeep guy' again.  Boy howdy, he had to be the strangest character out there.

Or maybe not

Don't panic.  I know that looks like a thought bubble above Jeannies head.  And I know the idea of Jeannie being able to project her thoughts like that is cartoon scary - but I've been assurred that that is simply a light up sign.  They swear.

I agree with Linda - there is something suspicious about this much cheeriness!  

Although they did get to be in  some of the prettier parts of town.

And the walk was well run:
"Okay, If you have to use the restroom bfore we leave, raise your hand"

How could a person not want to join up with these two?

Have a wonderful day!  


Someone I know has a birthday today!  But I can't tell you who, because he is in a professional place right now where he has to be careful who he associates with and I wouldn't want the feds to google him and find my post about the ceramic knife and airport security.  Or the post about the vulgar buttons.  Or the line about Country&Western murder ballads.  Or the love of rum from argentina. Even the breast cake - as innocent as it was - could conceivably raise a few eybrows among certain buttoned down fed types.   As could my veiled hostility toward Zero-Tolerance policies and how they relate to  Sharpie Sniffing.  Ironically - one of the few topics we've covered thus far that would be completely and totally unsuspicious to even the most diligent NSA type would be our Israeli Pilot bit.  

Thursday, November 20, 2008

More Arizona 3-day walk pictures!

I should have mentioned yesterday that TNieto retains copyright of all these photos.  If you want to use any of them just drop us a line  (threedaywalkaz at yahoo dot com)  I'm sure she would be okay with it but ya hafta ask first! 

If I tried to climb up the bleachers in a long dress I would still be in the hospital!

I know why she's crying.  Makes me want to cry too.  And go hug my mom!

We didn't have the heart to tell Jeannie that the banner reading 'HOPE' wasn't referring to us!

Not as pleasant a smell as fresh cut grass but considering the circumstances no one complained.  

That's a lot of pink people.

This is the famous 'guy in the brown jeep'

I would know that ribbon anywhere!  Hi Dave!

This is Jeannie telling the person who is flagging down the sweep bus that they are going to get their tukas back in gear and keep walking.  Or else!  

The good part is the person did keep walking.  The bad part is that the person wasn't on our team!

A quiet moment to contemplate.  And to hide from Jeannie.

A little shade, a little snack, and she is good as new!

Handing our assignments?  Kicking butt and taking names?  

Miss Tina always manages to appear calm and serene and contented.  I want to know what she's really thinking!

Okaaaaaay.  Jeannie thought this guy was a hoot.   At this point in the walk they had passed into Scottsdale but were still in Lower Scottsdale - where you can't get arrested just for being tacky!

Cute kid.  And loyal too.  And still several years from teenagehood!  Yea!  

Another cute kid!

So very nice to see a yard sign that has NOTHING to do with politics!

Yep, that would be Team H.O.P.E. getting a perfect score, naturally.

I sometimes think I really do have to learn how to ride a horse or a motorcycle!  Because otherwise wearing chaps would just be kinky!  

More tomorrow about motorcycle riding.  Heck, we may even include horseback riding!