Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Arizona 3-Day Walk Pictures!

Suddenly all those sports drinks are seeming like a BAD idea!

Pink Tent City - No  green bologna here!


I hope they are using official Sharpie Markers!

If you enjoy drums with your bagpipes you really must see/hear The Wicked Tinkers!

I'll have pie ala mode, thank you!

The pure unbridled joy of one who has made it to the end and did not have to face the wrath of Jeannie for getting on the sweep bus!

It looks like she is relaxing. . .  she's just doing her pilates because the walk isn't quite enough of a work out.

Be vewy vewy quiet. . . .  Kristine is sleeping.

Wendy isn't in this picture because she thought it would be more challenging to swing across the bottom of the bridge like tarzan.

Nos dames de danse et de fendage perpétuels.

One of the many signs of encouragment in our neighborhood.  Thanks Deanna!

Much much nicer than the way I had phrased the same sentiment.

Don't ya just want to hug them?  Or invite them to your next party?

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Did they aerial spray PROZAC over this walk?!? Everyone looks so happy?...LOL

Linda D. in Seattlee