Sunday, April 27, 2008

Trivia Answer, Garage Sale Update, Wish Jeannie Luck

Happy Sunday!

The garage sale was going so well the team decided to go on another day. We will let you know how we did later tonight or tomorrow.

And how are we going to let you know??? Jeannie is going to make her first post! Go Jeannie!

One of the fun parts of a team effort like this is that we all learn new skills. Other benefits are learning new places to have 'planning meetings', discovering ideas that translate into our other endeavors, making new friends, and getting to palm off the parts of a project we don't like because someone else in the group does enjoy it. (I'll drive 60 miles into the boonies but I won't drive into downtown phoenix. I'll spend hours on the computer but I won't make a thirty second phone call.)

Of course it helps if your team is made up of nice people. Team H.O.P.E. is comprised of nice women and is without a doubt the funniest group participating in the Three Day Walk in Arizona. (Maybe the funniest in the nation but I don't want to brag)

Okay - you may remember the trivia question in our very first post?
And you have been dying to know the answer, right?

The Question was:

What do

Cop Cars

Israel Pilot


Sara Lee

Wonder Bra

World War 11

all have in common?

The answer is:

Before the Second World War broke out, elastic materials were rationed and unavailable for clothing.

An inventor named Israel Pilot designed an improved bra that allowed for greater shoulder strap elasticity by cutting the fabric so that the weave has the greatest stretch

He coined and trademarked the name "Wonder-Bra" in 1935, and received a US patent in 1941. (patent 2245413)

The name “wonderbra” was licensed in Canada in 1939 for the Lady Corset Company which was bought out by Consolidated Foods, which became Sara Lee.

The Wonderbra half-cup, push-up design was described in Europe as Pigeonnant, which is French for "pigeon-breasted". [Ain't that a sexy image?]

And finally, the original inventors of the mesh screens that separate the backseat from the front in police cars used the patent of Israeli Pilot in their own patent applications.

Just something to think about the next time you get dressed in the morning or do your monthly self-exam!

Have a wonderful and fulfilling day!

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I am very much certain you ARE the funniest team on the walk...maybe even the BLOCK! Go Jeannie on that post...!

Linda D. in Seattle