Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yo Ho Ho Ho

Yeah, that's a bit of humor. Yo ho ho - as in a bottle of rum, and ho ho ho as in egg nog season. I make a killer homemade egg nog. Although with all the salmonella outbreaks I worry that it might be killer egg nog so I don't make it anymore. And certainly not in August. Can you believe those ladies are out there walking in this heat? It's good for them - builds character.

So - on to the subject of today's post.

Like all normal women (no offense Daun) I love chocolate. The darker and denser the better. Although I can tell the difference between Godiva oops, I mean
Dove and Palmers - I am not a chocolate snob. I don't really care where the beans were grown and whether they were cold pressed or what. (I think I may be confusing cocoa beans with olives here. Extra Virgin? Well isn't that special?)

Sorry - I must stay on topic. So I enjoy chocolate. But for some reason I've never been outrageously impressed with Chocolate martinis. And I just figured out why. Chocolate martinis are usually made with vodka. Vodka has its' uses but it dosen't really add anything to chocolate. Rum, on the other hand. . . . . .

I was reading the tasting notes from "Bar and Drink Magazine" on Isla ñ Rum and found myself thinking how good this would be with chocolate.

Think about it - Vodka is made from potatoes and Rum is made from sugar ~ which one belongs in a chocolate martini?

I can tell, you're starting to believe! Alas, you do not know where to find a good chocolate martini mix or Isla ñ Rum.

Would we leave you hanging like that? We are here to serve! It just so happens that we have a
Dove Chocolate at Home consultant coming to our Christmas in July Tea. And Dove just happens to sell Chocolate Martini mix.

And. . . .

The generous and kind
US distributor of Isla ñ Rum has donated to our events - so you might just win a bottle. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Boy now I'm thinking about eggnog and rum balls and figgy pudding and . . . .

We may just need to post some Christmas recipes here in the next day or so - stay tuned!

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