Saturday, June 14, 2008

Excessive Heat Watch

Didja ever wonder why we have the Chandler weather widget right there between our list of wonderful people who support us and our list of upcoming events? Did you even notice the weather gadget?

It's because we live in the dessert and the Team H.O.P.E. ladies have to practice walking so that when November 14th rolls around they can walk the 60 Miles in 3 Days without keeling over. Which means they are walking in rather warm weather, even when they are walking at four o clock in the morning - which Miss Jeannie and Miss Wendy are prone to do. (Actually Miss Wendy runs. In fact when she signed up for the 3-day walk she asked if she would be allowed to run it instead. Yo Wendy, it's called a walk for a reason! I shouldn't tease her so much; after all when you have five children you just have so much extra energy!) More about Wendy later, right now we are discussing the weather.

The thought behind the weather widget is that when you are reading about our adventure you would glance over at the widget, note that it is 105 degrees, and think, "Oh my gosh - those brave and noble (and classy and charming and funny and kindhearted and talented and . . ) women are out walking miles in this weather - I must donate!"

Yes, theoretically they could do indoor laps at the air-conditioned mall. And if there is one thing our valley has - it's malls! Ever walk in a mall? The senior citizens walk in the malls so you have to maneuver around slower traffic. (Not me personally. Last week I was passed by an 80 year old in a walker who kept muttering, "move it along sister, I don't have enough time left to wait for you!") (Okay, that was a lie. But many of the senior citizens do walk at a brisker pace than I) (Besides, by making a joke about the lady with the walker I now have a reasonable excuse to show you this:

Aint it cool?

The other drawback to walking in the mall (See, I alway find my way back to the topic) is the smell of cinnamon buns. It's hard to stay focused when you smell cinnamon and fresh brewed coffee.

Plus there is all that pretty stuff in the windows. And much of the stuff is pink so you have to slow down to see if it's just plain pink or if it's pink ribbon pink!

So our ladies walk the street. In the heat. And not just any heat, but "Excessive Heat Watch" heat. Here is what the weather service has to say today:

An excessive heat watch remains in effect from Sunday morning through Sunday evening and from Monday morning through Monday evening.Unusually warm weather is expected across the deserts of south-central Arizona this weekend. High temperatures will generally range from 108 to 112 degrees Sunday and Monday. Somewhat cooler temperatures are expected during the middle of next week as the high pressure system weakens slightly.It would be wise to complete as much outdoor activity as possible in the early morning when the sun and heat are less intense.

periods of excessive heat... individuals can suffer heat-related illness when the body can no longer cool itself. If you plan to be outside for an extended period of time in the afternoon or early evening... stay in the shade as much as possible and drink abundant amounts of water. Wear light-colored and loose-fitting clothing. If you wear a wide-brimmed hat... your head and body will be much cooler.

Stop outdoor activities...
drink lots of water or other non-alcoholic beverages... and if possible... spend more time in air-conditioned or well-ventilated places.

So if you're reading this in cool comfortable air-conditioned splendor please spare a thought (and a dollar) for our Hot Ladies.

Thank you!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This just in. . . . . .

Is this totally cool or what? Fire fighters and cops wearing pink! Not only do they look great but they are on an impressive journey. They are taking their fire truck and their pink trailer with the tall ribbon statue on the road. You can read all about it on the blog of Dave Graybill.

I cannot wait to see this rig in person! They have already been to Las Cruces, New Mexico. Hope they got lots of green chile while they were there. New Mexico grows the best chiles in the world. But I digress. Mr. Graybill will be leavin town on August 24th from the Desert Ridge shopping plaza and will be going down Tatum blvd towards Tucson. (I don't think Tatum will take them all the way to Tucson - maybe the Team H.O.P.E. Ladies should buy them some maps. Or maybe they would let me come along to navigate!)

You would think having the giant ribbon, the fire truck and gear, and the cool t-shirts would be enough. Apparently Mr. Graybill is more ambitious than that. His outfit is also hosting a comedy show on June 21 at the Tempe Center for the Arts.

(This here is me refraining from having architectural opinions)

You can purchase tickets HERE.

And here is the poster:

Now Miss Jeannie and I have to figure out something Team H.O.P.E. can do that's even bigger than a cross country fire truck trip. We are open to ideas!
Have a great day!