Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tapadh Leibh!

Tapadh lebh. That's Scottish Gaelic for Thank You!

We do not have the time nor the bandwidth to give everyone the personal thanks they deserve for helping to make our Christmas in July such a Winter Wonderland sucess! Our sponsors and donors made our guests feel like, well like kids at Christmas. Our vendors were incredible! The nicest group of women you'ld ever want to meet.

And don't even get me started on Miss Toni and the food. If anyone left hungry it's their own darn fault! Sweet and savory and beautiful!

Thank you everyone! Thanks to all the people who did some of their holiday shopping with us!

In addition to the tangible stuff we can measure (and deposit into the threeday walk account) we are also grateful for all the kind words, warm wishes, encouraging thoughts and pure love we have received!

So why did we begin our post today with a scottish gaelic thank you???

Hmmn? I was going to explain - but maybe I should leave it as a riddle!

Y'all have a wonderful day
and remember it's only 147 days until Christmas in December!