Thursday, November 20, 2008

More Arizona 3-day walk pictures!

I should have mentioned yesterday that TNieto retains copyright of all these photos.  If you want to use any of them just drop us a line  (threedaywalkaz at yahoo dot com)  I'm sure she would be okay with it but ya hafta ask first! 

If I tried to climb up the bleachers in a long dress I would still be in the hospital!

I know why she's crying.  Makes me want to cry too.  And go hug my mom!

We didn't have the heart to tell Jeannie that the banner reading 'HOPE' wasn't referring to us!

Not as pleasant a smell as fresh cut grass but considering the circumstances no one complained.  

That's a lot of pink people.

This is the famous 'guy in the brown jeep'

I would know that ribbon anywhere!  Hi Dave!

This is Jeannie telling the person who is flagging down the sweep bus that they are going to get their tukas back in gear and keep walking.  Or else!  

The good part is the person did keep walking.  The bad part is that the person wasn't on our team!

A quiet moment to contemplate.  And to hide from Jeannie.

A little shade, a little snack, and she is good as new!

Handing our assignments?  Kicking butt and taking names?  

Miss Tina always manages to appear calm and serene and contented.  I want to know what she's really thinking!

Okaaaaaay.  Jeannie thought this guy was a hoot.   At this point in the walk they had passed into Scottsdale but were still in Lower Scottsdale - where you can't get arrested just for being tacky!

Cute kid.  And loyal too.  And still several years from teenagehood!  Yea!  

Another cute kid!

So very nice to see a yard sign that has NOTHING to do with politics!

Yep, that would be Team H.O.P.E. getting a perfect score, naturally.

I sometimes think I really do have to learn how to ride a horse or a motorcycle!  Because otherwise wearing chaps would just be kinky!  

More tomorrow about motorcycle riding.  Heck, we may even include horseback riding!  


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