Friday, November 21, 2008


Someone I know has a birthday today!  But I can't tell you who, because he is in a professional place right now where he has to be careful who he associates with and I wouldn't want the feds to google him and find my post about the ceramic knife and airport security.  Or the post about the vulgar buttons.  Or the line about Country&Western murder ballads.  Or the love of rum from argentina. Even the breast cake - as innocent as it was - could conceivably raise a few eybrows among certain buttoned down fed types.   As could my veiled hostility toward Zero-Tolerance policies and how they relate to  Sharpie Sniffing.  Ironically - one of the few topics we've covered thus far that would be completely and totally unsuspicious to even the most diligent NSA type would be our Israeli Pilot bit.  


Anonymous said...

Thanks! And I'm not a FED. I'm DoD.

delta said...

I'm not a Fed either
Happy Birthday dear
love you