Saturday, June 21, 2008

A few of our favorite things. . . .

Isn't that pretty? We would be so thrilled if the Waterford Crystal people donated a few of those for our 'Christmas in July" event. (Details coming soon - I promise!)

But y'know what? Even if they just donated a couple empty vases we would still be grateful!

Seriously, we would be grateful. Partly because we are genuinely appreciative of everyone who is helping us with our various events. We are well aware that companies have people bombarding them with requests day and night and that they don't have to give to anyone if they don't want to, let alone us. But mainly we would be grateful because an empty crystal vase is still a gorgeous vase.

We received a donation to use as part of our silent auctions just the other day for which we are thankful.

The wonderful and kind and generous and all-American people at Wrangler Clothing sent us some of their Western Wear!

I am embarrassed to admit that the response of one of our team members was less grateful than others. Her first question was, "Did they come with a cowboy inside of them?"

I won't tell you which of our team members it was - except to say that she was an A&M Aggie in another life, so I guess her question was valid.

Can you imagine if Wrangler had included a cowboy? First there would been the fighting (Dare I say Wrangling?) over which one of us had to take care of him until the auction.

Then I'm sure the husbands would have started to complain. It's better this way. We are grateful and we will not be greedy and want more! Although. . . . . .

If y'all want to see another sexy picture of a cowboy in Wrangler Clothing you should click here! Not only is there a great picture but there is also a whole page of info about the Wrangler "Are you tough enough to wear pink?" campaign.

I have to tell you - when a company is involved in these million dollar donation programs and will still take the time and effort to help out a little group like ours I just get goosebumps. I've always known that people on the street are usually kind and compassionate but I had never realized how many people in corporate positions genuinely want to help, even when it doesn't involve national press or meeting important people or anything at all other than pure niceness!

Thank you Miss Eve!

And thank you, our loyal readers, for all your support and encouragement!

Y'all come back now, y'hear!