Thursday, August 14, 2008

Christmas in July Pics

Setting up the night before.
I always thought Miss Jeannie was in charge,
but this looks like one of the Tinas is taking over.

Miss Jeannie fighting with a tree?

Looks like Jeannie won!

This is Tina, our OSHA compliance officer.

I'm beginning to suspect that Tina is a little shorter than some.

You can't hide your lying eyes.

We think she needs reading glasses but we are afraid to tell her!

I tried to get a picture of Jeannie when she wasn't yapping into the microphone but. . . . .

What a big. . . . . . .
basket you have!

Formal wear flip flops? Welcome to the desert!

Yes, I know. Southern Living. Not Southern Loving.

The not so bossy Tina! No offense other Tinas!

Toni and Mo. Mo is a saint.
When she isn't being a Tea Party Cook and Hostess,
she is saving lives and caring for the extremely injured.

Hmmmn? They seem awfully ladylike for alleged TomBoys!

Of course the Flip Flop lady would win the scarf and the Ski Package!

. . .

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Great pics...but I have to say my favorite is the OSHA Compliance Officer!!! Being a PETITE myself (NOOO, we are NOT SHORT!), I would have suggested some sort of box to balance on top of that stand on!

Linda D. in seattle