Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Lemonade Chronicles continued. Includes free sample, free recipe, and a little something for our troops.

My brain has turned pink!

My friend Tina says that in her world if a company does not have a website, they don’t really exist. That’s bad. What is worse is the idea that if a company doesn’t have at least one pink-ribbon emblazoned product they must not really care. Cause nothing says caring like donating a dime for [content deleted. no snideness allowed here]

Anyway. . . . I may have mentioned that I am not a fan of powdered lemonade mixes. Or limeade, which is my citrus of choice. But real limeade or lemonade tends to be rather sugary. Which means it is tooo sweet and too high calorie. So awhile back I found a product I love. It’s called True Lime.

They also have true lemon and true orange. I’m anxiously awaiting true grapefruit! It’s a non-calorie lime crystal stuff that you can mix with a glass of water for an amazingly fresh lime taste. The website has a 'recipe' for limeade that uses True Lime , water, and sugar. Trust me - you don't need the sugar. You can also use the little packets for rubbing on a chicken breast before grilling. I like it because it is sugar-free but it doesn’t have artificial sweeteners. (a note to Paul Newman, Tropicana, and Sonic ~ Limes are supposed to be tart!)

When I first read about this product I figured it would be another of those ‘diet’ products that taste a wee bit like Lemon Pledge. But since they had a thing where they would send you a free sample I sent away for some. I like free!

I love it. I liked it so much I actually bought some at the store with real money. I didn’t even have a coupon! (The company sent me some coupons with my free samples but I can’t find them. I’m guessing that’s not really their fault)

So anyway. . . . . I got the hungry-girl newsletter the other day and there was something in there about True Lemon sending packets of this stuff to the troops every time someone requests a free sample. (I guess the water in Iraq tastes much like the water in Chandler) Since I couldn’t order more free samples I forwarded the link to some folks.

Then I thought – if they have a pink lemonade / pink ribbon thing I could post it here. Well, they don’t. Probably because there is no such thing as a pink lemon.

So what should I do? Duh! Here is a company that makes a product I enjoy. A company that wants to show their gratitude to the members of the United States armed forces!


Team H.O.P.E. is grateful to the one and a half million active duty military and the one and a half million reservists who serve voluntarily!

And apparently some folks over there support us as well:

Oh! I promised y’all a recipe, didn’t I?

Dry Rub for Breasts

2 Tablespoons each:

Paprika (smoked mild if available)

Brown Sugar

2 Teaspoons each:

True Lime

Garlic Powder


1 Teaspoon each:

Black Pepper


Ground Red Chile

Rub all over your breasts. (I did say this was a chicken recipe, didn’t I?) Let set until dinner time. Grill, broil, bake, fry, or whatever.

Tomorrow (or maybe the next day) we will finish up the lemonade chronicles with our first PINK RIBBON PRODUCT REVIEW. You'll never guess what we are reviewing!

Until then. . . . .