Friday, December 5, 2008

I of the beholder!


Apparently not everyone thinks a drunken, unshaven Billy Bob Thorton is all that sexy.  Go figure.

We're going to continue to answer your questions.  Well you know - except for the people who arrive here searching for hot ladies brest.  Or big foot ladies.  I don't even want to know!  

But the poor folks who do an honest search for something important to them and suddenly find themselves caught in perpetual H.O.P.E.  and don't know what hit them  ~ ~ ~ I figure we can help out a little bit!  

Many folks have searched variations of "walk like a camel" and ended up here.  I don't know if folks are lookin to download the song, lookin for the lyrics, or - help us all - trying to find out what the song means.

"You make me wanna walk like a Camel" was recorded by a fun group named Southern Culture On The Skids.  Or SCOTS if you prefer.  

If you want to listen to the song you can CLICK JANGO HERE.  I was going to imbed the youtube video but to be perfectly honest - SCOTS is a rather strange looking/acting group and I did not want to turn y'all off of them before you had a chance to hear their musical genius.  Their absolute best song in my opinion is Voodoo Cadilac.  Which I think you can HEAR HERE.  

Without further ado - here are the lyrics:

Baby, Would you eat that there snack cracker
In your special outfit for me, please?

Yo ye pharoahs, let us walk
Through this barren desert, in search of truth
And some pointy boots, and maybe a few snack crackers.
OWWWW WEEE baby, you make me wanna walk like a camel.

Who's in charge here, where's my Captain's wafers?
Don't go around hungry now, the way you eat that oatmeal pie,
Makes me just wanna die, baby, OWWWW
You make me wanna walk like a camel.

Say, you don't think there's any way I could get that quarter
From underneath your pointy boot, do ya?
All I want is just one more oatmeal pie.
OWWWW WEEE, Little Debbie, Little Debbie
I'm a comin on home, baby, 'cause you make me wanna walk
Like a camel, OWWWW WEEE

Trust me - it makes more sense when put to music.  

Wellllllll, not really.  But it's a fun song to listen to.  

As for what it means?  I don't know.  One gentleman put forth the opinion that walking like a camel is slang for a guy walking funny because he is responding in a physically uncomfortably manner to being attracted to someone.  

Yes, a little oblique - but if you think I'm going to use the right words to explain this you are crazier than the folks looking for big foot ladies.  And either way I think the guy who said this is wrong because I've been looking and I can't find any other reference to that.  I guess I could write to the band and ask them.  We'll see.

So you have the lyrics, we don't know the meaning, and this ain't itunes.  Hope we were of some help!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Apparently Miss Jeannie found her way home; I recieved an email from her this afternoon and I'm pretty sure she isn't a hot-spottin kinda gal so I assume she was at her house!  

And I found out which Santa she was visiting. . .

I guess she had a good time. . . 

and wasn't as cold as she thought she would be. . . . 

and is considering joining the elf training program. . . 

. . . 

. . . .


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