Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Explanation

I hope y'all had a happy thanksgiving!  

The other day we had a few pictures and challenged y'all to figure out the connection here.  (and always remember - everything is connected!)

The fist picture was of the Quaker Oatmeal guy.  The second picture was of a pink circular saw.  The third picture was of a Shaker Bonnet Shaper. And lastly a little thanksgiving clip art featuring a Native American and two pilgrims.  

So here's the story:

The other day I was teaching y'all how to properly use an apostrophe.  At least that's the way I remember it.  

I mentioned pluralizing skills, which reminded me of something else I have been meaning to discuss here that is very pertinent to the point of this blog.  

. . .

. . .

The point of this blog being to share the fundraising and training antics of a group of women; remember?

So while doing a little background research for this future column I found a picture of a pink circular saw.  Because we tend to have an all pink, all the time slant here I had to use the picture!  

When I finished the apostrophe lesson I continued with the circular saw resarch.  And discovered something fascinating:

The first circular saw used in a saw mill was invented in 1813 (or 1810 depending on which article you’re reading) in the United States by Tabitha Babbitt.  Ms. Babbitt also invented an early cut-nail, an improved spinning wheel head, and a new style of false teeth.  Ms. Babbitt did not patent these inventions because apparently that would go against her Shaker faith. 

Since we were so close to thanksgiving I thought this would be a fun thing to mention; even though I recognized that Shakers aren't exactly Quakers.  Well, come to find out - Quakers aren't the same as Puritans.  And the Pilgrims were puritanical - but weren't exactly Puritans.

Puritans – determined Calvinist reformers working to "purify" Church of England so as to be consistent with Calvinist principles, began during the reign of Henry VIII (1509-1547)


Pilgrims – Separatists who fled to Holland (1607/8) and sailed on Mayflower in 1620


Quakers – independent reformers practicing austere Protestantism; their missionaries and followers were repressed by the Puritans in the Bay Colony

Shakers - Originally referred to as Shaking Quakers; an offshoot of Quakerism founded by Mother Ann Lee in 1741.

Another big difference here is that the Shakers were celibate.  Which apparently leads to excellent basket and chair making skills - - - but is seemingly bad for sustainability.  As Anita Bryant would say - Shakers can't reproduce so they must recruit!  Can you imagine the recruitment posters?  But I'm about to wander off topic again.

So Ms. Babbitt and her circular saw has absolutely nothing to do with thanksgiving.  Nor did the Quaker Oat Dude.  But since I discovered that many many people have the same confusion I did, it seemed nice to share with y'all.  

In conclusion: The point is that my ladies and I are very thankful for the example set by countless other women throughout history (many of whom were shakers, quakers, pilgrims, and puritans)  that women can do anything!  

As for Miss Oakley; she was a Quaker. As was Richard Milhouse Nixon - but I think we should quit while we're ahead!

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