Monday, December 8, 2008

Pink Seven

As y'all know we are using this time between walks to finish up unfinished business - including answering your questions. 

So I go to Google analytics to see what folks were searching for when they hit our site.  Wow, I did not know there were so many people interested in black christmas ornaments!  And just as many wanting pink!  

So I noticed that someone was searching for "Pink 7 Black ornaments".  And someone else was searching for "Pink 7 brown"  something or the other.  So I go google to find out what this Pink 7 is, fully expecting it to be the latest trendy brand name that everyone has heard of but me.

There is a new pink 7-up - but that has nothing to do with black ornaments.


There is a pink nokia 7390 

(and you can get a pink silicone cover for it~ and we have had lots of folks here looking for silicone of one sort or another!)

  but again - does not seem to be related to black ornaments or whatever the Pink 7 brown thing was.  

Now I know some of y'all have figured it out already.  So I will not say how long it took me.  In my defense I should tell you that I have never learned to type.  I use two fingers and pretty much have to keep my eyes on the keyboard the whole time.  (Which some folks would say means I should have figured it out even sooner than I did!)

I now believe that the people searching for Pink 7 Black ornaments and Pink 7 brown whatever were actually looking for Pink & Black ornaments and Pink & Brown something.   So I refer these folks to the earlier discussions regarding Christmas decor that is not red, green, and sparkly.  (Yes, in my house 'sparkly' counts as a color!) 

I was going to tell you a funny Jeannie story, but time is running short. 

 Instead I will show you the keyboard I want for my computer for Christmas.  I bet I would never make typos if I had one of these!

Or maybe this one:


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