Thursday, December 4, 2008

Where's Miss Jeannie????

I emailed Jeannie  yesterday to discuss a scout meeting we had to go to and recieved this breezy reply:

I will not be at the leaders' meeting.  I will be at the North Pole enjoying hot chocolate and cookies with Santa Clause.
Ho Ho Ho!!!

Well isn't that special?

Which Santa?  

This one. . . . . . 

 who wouldn't even give poor Ralphie a B.B. Gun?

Or this one,. . . . . . .

 who looks like he could give a girl everything she's wanting - and more?

Jeannie is a complex person.  

She's all wholesome and sweet most of the time. 

 But as much as she enjoys mini-marshmallows in her cocoa. . . . 

she enjoys this more!

So we will have to see.   

Meanwhile if you see Miss Jeannie out there please tell her to come home!


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