Saturday, November 8, 2008

They're everywhere, they're everywhere!

So I went to the MS Walk on the Wild Side 3-5 mile walk today. 

 We walked the 3 rather than the 5.  We're pretending it's because the young child walking with me gave out!

I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.  Or later tonight if the insomnia returns.  But I just hafta share one thing with y'all.  You know how I was nervous  going to this thing alone?  Well the child with me was very slow getting up this morning and so even though we weren't late - we weren't as early as I would have liked as a cushion.  I had the driving directions but as I got to the road I thought I was supposed to be on I saw a sign that said "Event Parking" pointing a different direction.  

These are the sorts of stupid things that cause me way more stress than an intelligent adult should feel.  So I follow the signs and park.  I am very relieved that I'm in the correct lot since I arrived there via a different street than my directions said.  

I can see folks walking along the sidewalk.  In nice green t-shirts.  With big pink ribbons on them!  I'm serious.  Pink ribbons everywhere.  As I was walking in the direction I hoped was right I passed people wearing pink ribbons and pink boas.   

They looked like friendly enough people so I didn't really think it was the pink police coming after me for straying - but it was still odd.  

When I got closer to the edge of the parking lot I saw another group of women in pink ribbon t-shirts; 
asking directions from the guy in the MS t-shirt. 

Apparently there was a Breast Cancer event today for the American Cancer Society;  2.8 miles away!

I'm not going to make any bad jokes about the brain people being smarter than the breast people until I find out how many MS walkers found themselves at the BC walk!

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