Sunday, November 2, 2008

Time is Fleeting, Madness takes its toll. . . .

So I received an email from Miss Jeannie.  She claims I got the date wrong for the three day walk.  I said November 15th and the walk actually begins on the 14th, so I can understand why she mistakenly thought I was mistaken.  

Silly woman.  The walk lasts for three days - therefore the 15th is the median time of the walk.  Or maybe that would be the average?  

Actually it's both - which is not always the case with Medians and Averages.  

Can you imagine walking 20 miles a day for three days?  

I saw Jeannie and Kristine yesterday - walking naturally.  It was 96 degrees at the time.  The official high yesterday was 94;  but my thermometor was reading 96!

Did you kow that Arizona does not participate in Day Light Savings Time?  I like that about Arizona.

So have you noticed all the pretty calendars I've included here?

Why ancient calendars and not pics of modern rectangualr and/or digital calendars?

Because round calandars are rather breastlike.

And since breast cancer is still killing women - many feel an urgent need to find a cure.  Or a better treatment or a preventitive.  So these people raise money and participate in fundraising / awareness events.  Like the Breast Cancer 3-day walk that takes place on November 14th, 15th, and 16th.

Which brings us full circle - kinda like a calendar of old.

Wishing you enough time to do what you must and what you want.


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