Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So Halloween is over.  The election is over.  Breast Cancer Awareness month is over.  (Although my local grocery stores still have shelves full of pink soup cans!)  Our ladies are almost done fundraising. 

 What else is left? 


Oh, of course.  

The walk!  

60 Miles.  

That is a loooong way. 

 That is approximately the distance from London (seen here looking pink)

To the White Cliffs of Dover (seen here looking pink)

Also the distance from Dover to Brighton!

Hmmmmn.  I may have the wrong Brighton there!  

The important thing is that it is pink!  

No, wait.  The important thing is that it is 60 miles.   Our Ladies have been training since March or April so they are very ready; but there is still a bit of aprehension here and there.  Well, you know - except from Wendy.  I love Wendy but that woman is strange!  She runs for relaxation.  

(I would assume from that that she has no idea how to REALLY relax - except she has five kids so obviously . . . .)  

Sorry, I got distracted thinking 'relaxing' thoughts.  We were talking about Wendy.  This is not one of my recycled blond jokes - this is true:  when Wendy signed up with Team H.O.P.E.  she asked if she could run the 60 miles instead of walking them.  

The answer is NO!  You're also not allowed to do a step aerobics class in the camp site at the end of the day!  (The first rule is for the safety of the walkers, the second rule is for your own safety. Three day walkers are generally sweet women but the sight of someone doing their Jane Fanda bit at the end of the day migh cause them to become violent!)

Just lookin at that picture makes me a bit violent!

There are other rules, some pesky and some common sense.  I did find this bit from the official site a wee bit odd:

Abusive behavior towards crew and staff will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Is that really a problem?  Sigh.

I'll be telling y'all more about the route and the cheering stations and whatnot later.  Until then you may be wondering about the fist picture uptop.  That is the book cover of "The Long Walk" by Richard Bachman.  (Who is really Stephen King - but that's not really the point)

If you have never read "The Long Walk" I highly recommend it.  Keep in mind that this book   was written years and years before reality shows started appearing on TV, as was The Running Man.  (And yet both were written after the 1973 story Rollerball Murder by William Harrison) 

We may have to exlore this topic in a bit more depth later.  But for now I suggest you get yourself to a library or used bookstore (or even a new bookstore) and read The Long Walk.  

On a completely unleated topic (yes - I am implying that everything else is related!) I have received a cute photo from many of my email friends.  I was trying to figure out when and how to best use it here.  Then I was reading an article this mornig about how  to convince people to read ones blog. 

There was good (if obvious) advice.  There was also some very sarcastic and borderline hateful comments about cute cat pictures and cute kid pictures.  I wish I could find the site so I could quote directly but trust me - the guy was rude!  

So naturally I must run the cute kid picture I've been saving.  And I went online and found a 'cute' cat picture.  Not that I really find cats cute. 

 If you like cats and would like to adopt one or more please drop us a line - Our  Tina has more than a few cats that she is trying to find homes for. They have been spade and/or nuetered.  

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I KNEW my darned cat was two-timing it for the PINK side!!! That IS her in the photo, isn't it?!? I guess she hates the color Orange...sigh.

Linda D. in SEattle