Sunday, November 9, 2008

MS me

So - I need to finish up my MS stuff so we can get back to being all breast, all the time.  I'll miss the pretty orange colors.  Sigh.

I forgot to bring my camera to the MS walk - which is probably just as well.  I would have bored y'all with pictures of the backs of folks none of us knows.  I would have gotten lots of great back pictures though, cuz everyone passed me.  I started very very close to the beginning of the line and gradually everyone found their own pace - which is apparently faster than mine!  

I was passed by a lady with a broken leg wearing a walking cast.  I was passed by an old guy using a cane.  I was passed by a woman pulling a wagon with two kids in it while holding hands with a slightly older child and who was stopping every minute to pick up dropped bottles and pacifiers and baggies of toddler snacks.  

Usually at events like this my husband carries a back pack with drinks and phones and wallets and whatever else we need.  Well he wasn't there yesterday so I carried the backpack.   That was no problem whatsoever.  Except when I took it off or put it back on.  I carried a backpack through X years of college and never once had difficulty.  (Two straps, two shoulders - how could a person have difficulty?)  Yesterday for whatever reason I found myself not being able to gracefully (or even just functionally) slip the pack on and off.  At one point I looked like a dog chasing its tail as I pointed my arm toward the opening in the strap and twisted my body towards it.  Sad.  Pathetic.  Puzzling.  

Oh well. No one laughed at me.  (Maybe because they all had their backs to me because they were all in front of me!)

One of the fun things about the MS walk was that they had three groups in costume.  There was a Renaissance group in full velvet.  One of the ladies in this group had the corset thing that you see at every Ren fair - but it was the most structurally ambitious garment I have ever seen in my life.  Seriously.  

It is never polite to stare; and it is never ever ever polite to stare at a woman's Decalage. But this thing appeared to be defying physics! 

Ooops.  Apparently Decalage is an areo-geometry term.  And  décalage is jet lag.  The word I was looking for seems to be décolletage.  Whatever.  The important thing is that it is rude to stare and probably equally rude to walk up to someone and ask them for the details of their undergarments ~ but I really wanted to find out how she did it.  Granted, she was of a fuller figure than I, but still. . . . . 

The other two groups in costume were the Arizona Ghostbusters and the REBEL LEGION: Mos Eisley Base.  

My son thought the storm troopers were way cooler than the corseted ladies.  I thought it was all great.  The weather was wonderful, the people were nice, the route was through the zoo so there were lots of restrooms, the three miles was difficult enough to encourage me to get in shape but not so difficult as to make me feel hopeless, and there was a predominance of orange!

As I'm sure there will be at the MS bike ride in the spring.  

So we are 4 and a half days out from the three day walk.  We will be bringing you up to the minute coverage.  Or maybe occasional coverage - we'll see.   


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