Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Wow, it's hard to believe Breast Cancer Awareness month is over already.  There is so much more Pink to explore.  We're still in the BCA mood here at Team H.O.P.E. because our three day walk isn't until November 15th.

So don't worry about your daily dose of pink - we'll still be here.

I have something I was going to save for April 1st - but I figure today is good as well.  

If you are easily offended please do not scroll down any farther.

Of course, if you are easily offended I do have to ask if you're sure you are at the right blog?   

Before I get to the part that offend folks I want to tell you how I met some of the ladies.  Y'all know that I met Jeannie and Kristine through cub scouts.  Wendy is also a cub scout mom but I first met her through the PTO.  

I went up to the school one day and there were two women working at the edge of the playground.  The first woman was digging holes just as fast as can be.  She would dig a hole about three feet deep and three feet wide and the other lady would come behind her and fill the hole back up.  I naturally had to ask them what they were doing.  Wendy introduced herself and said she was working on a PTO project.  

I was curious and asked her to tell me more about it.  She said that she and Jeannie and Deanna were planting trees.  I asked her to explain why she was digging the holes and Deanna was filling them back up.  "Oh," she explained, "Jeannie usually works with us putting the trees in the holes but she is sick today."

Pretty bad I know.  But not nearly as bad as this:





So have a happy and healthy Halloween!

And we sincerely hope y'all have had a happy Breast Cancer Awareness month!


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delta said...

Any chance ANY of these ladies are blondes?