Saturday, July 5, 2008

What's the Plural of Christmas?

Did we mention that we are having a Christmas in July Tea?
Of course we did!
If you do not remember all the details you can Click Here.

Well, come to find out, we are not the only
Christmas in July in town.
Although we are the only ones serving cucumber sandwiches!

We were doing our best to just ignore all the others.
Yeah, several of them are for good causes but
we need to just focus on our own events.


As y'all know we are very very fond of the folks at Chester's Harley Davidson. They are sponsoring the Hole-In-One contest for our Golf Tournament on September 27th. They are also just plain nice people. So when we read about their Christmas in July event we were relieved that it wasn't scheduled at the same time as ours. We were also impressed with what they are doing.

The Child Crisis Center is a very worthwhile cause.
I've never been to the Dos Gringo's on Greenfield
but the one on Alma School is pretty fantastic.
Chorizo Fundido.
Stuffed Poblanos.
Street Tacos.

So if you just can't get your fill of Christmi in July,
why not bring a toy or a donation down to the Chester's event.
I'll bet they will welcome you with open arms
even if you're not on a motorcycle -
as I said they are nice folks!

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