Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ladies Only Garage Party

Okay - So you read all about our
golf tournament
and think it sounds like fun.
And you are a scratch golfer who has a
better than average chance
of hitting a hole-in-one.
Or maybe you're just feeling lucky, punk.
Either way you are primed to win the
Harley Davidson Motorcycle being offered by
Chester's Harley Davidson of Mesa.

One small problem; you don't ride.
Do you really think the Team H.O.P.E. ladies
will let that stop you?
Actually we personally cannot help you,
but we know who can.

Chester's Harley Davidson
is having an event y'all might be interested in.

What fun!
We had an opportunity to meet some of the ladies from
Chester's Harley Davidson
and you could not ask for a mor
e supportive and caring bunch.
and then sign up for our golf tournament!

or call 480-220-2808

or call 480-899-4221

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