Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Meet Big Foot

Boy howdy, I bet Big Foot would have no problem walking 60 miles in 3 days!

If there is a
Sasquatch, there would have to be both a male and a female - right? So even though folks always speak about bigfoot using the male pronoun of he I know there must be a she as well.

Therefore we would like to formally extend an invitation to Ms. Foot to join the Ladies of Team H.O.P.E.

Why? Well we're still trying to figure out how to top the big pink ribbon fire truck.

Also, because although nobody on our team would be dumb enough to wear high heels on the walk; there is still the possibility of twisted ankles or being trampled by the more competitive. And here is proof that bigfoot will pick up and carry a wounded woman to safety!

At least I think that's what is happening here.

Why the sudden interest in Big Foot? I thought you would never ask!

I may have mentioned our upcoming Christmas in July Tea. One of the many great prizes we have (in addition to the shopping and the snacking and the massaging and the make overing) is a ski package for Snowbowl Arizona. I personally do not ski (I do not like being either cold or wet!) but people who do ski say they would love to win a ski package. Takes all kinds I guess.

Anyway - according to the
Big Foot Research People, Sasquatch has been heard howling in the general Snowbowl area. She/he has not been actually sighted but I guess the people who study on these things say the howling could not have been anything else.

Now I know some of y'all are wondering why/how bigfoot is in Arizona when she/he is most famously spotted in the Pacific Northwest. I'm guessing the gray damp weather, the infusion of Californians, and the liberal politics were all just too much to bear.

Ooops! We promised absolutely no politics here at Team H.O.P.E.
Sorry about that. I'm not saying anything against liberal policies - just saying that I have it on good authority that Sasquatch leans to the right a little bit. But Nessie and the Little Green Men all lean to the left so it averages out and everyone is happy!

In conclusion, please come to our Christmas in July Tea (Saturday July 26th 2-5 PM) and you may just win a ski package and get to meet Big Foot.

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BRAINCHEESE said... you desert rats have just gone toooooo far! Horning in on MY Sasquatch...geez...everybody KNOWS Big Foot lives in the Cascade Mountain Range just outside of Seattle. I mean, haven't you ever SEEN the movie "Harry and the Hendersons"?!?!?

Linda D. in Seattle