Friday, July 25, 2008

Twas the Night Before Christmas in July

So tomorrow's the big day! I hope y'all are as excited as we are.

Something I was pondering on earlier was just how fortunate we are. (In fact I'm feeling so grateful that I suggested to Miss Jeannie that we have a Thanksgiving in June get together next year in addition to our Christmas in July. Then her eye started doing that funny twitch thing and somehow the subject got changed.)

But seriously - there is much to be grateful for. We have the encouragement and support (and donations) from big companies like Wrangler and Le Creuset. We are meeting people from small start up companies like
The Winkee and Girlfriend Galas. We are the recipients of the generosity of the best Tejano Band in Germany. (I wish you all would quit laughing when I say that. These guys are fantastic!) When we recieve handwritten notes from these folks wishing us well I literally get a bit misty eyed. We just recieved a donation and a sweet note from a Mr. Shane Soldinger who is putting out a new CD and just recently got married but still found the time to help us out.

People are basically good, and some people are fantastic!

I bet even those people who buy black Christmas tree ornaments have some good in them. So far, not a single person I have talked to has liked the black ornaments. And I know some sleek and sophisticated people! Oh - that reminds me. I was going to tell you about the football thing. Maybe later - Christmas is so much more fun!

We reached the point with our Christmas in July Tea that we were turning consultants and vendors away. Oh boy. With all the rejection we endure (and I am speaking of fund raising rejection - not personal!) it is very hard for us to say no.

One of the people that approached us was a professional Santa Claus. Because we were out of room and because this is not a child oriented event we had to say no.

That's the reason we gave - and it's true, but the biggest reason is that Jeannie is Claus-trophobic!

It turns out that we are not the only people with Christmas on the brain. I was in a great little Mexican Seafood Restaurant in Albuquerque last week and saw a kid wearing a t-shirt that read, "Dear Santa, I can explain."

Of course it is too late for us to get some printed up before our Christmas in July Tea but it did make me laugh!

We had wanted to do some more shameless plugging for our incredible vendors and our generous sponsors but we are running out of time and space. So instead we will leave you with one of our favorite Christmas jokes:

Q: Why does Santa wear pink underwear?
A: He's a man. He did all his laundry in the one load.

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