Thursday, July 24, 2008

Stash that instant tea under the counter!

I am a coffee drinker. I'm not saying that other beverages are unpatriotic - I have gotten over that whole British tea scam from 1773. Mostly. But tea is usually my second choice.

Except when it is 112 degrees out. There is only so much water and beer a person can drink on a summer day before that icy, amber colored elixir starts to beckon.

Now, I have nothing at all against Lipton Tea. I grew up in Arizona in the 70's, we didn't drink soda pop or individual bottle of water - we drank sun tea made in gallon jars with Lipton tea bags. And we liked it! It may have been bitter at times - so you add a little lemon. It may have been cloudy - but so was our water!

I also enjoy Luzianne Iced tea - with sugar. When Hank Jr. sang about 'corn bread and iced tea' I know he was talking about sweet southern tea. And you can damn sure bet the corn bread had real butter on it!

And yet. . . . sometimes you want something a bit more refined. Especially if you are hosting a Christmas in July Tea. And who rides in to the rescue? Our favorite Tea company - Stash!

We are so tickled to be able to serve this high quality, great tasting, cool and refreshing tea. We also have a Stash Tea Gift Certificate for one of our lucky guests.

I was going to post a few pics here of the fabulous selection of Tea Ware available from Stash but I couldn't decide which would be most enticing.

You like floral English garden sort of stuff? They have it!

You like sleek and elegant? They have it.

Need a Japanese tea pot that could double as a work of art? They have it.

They also have strange and wondrous accessories for tea that I have never seen before.

Their clearance center has Christmas in July gift sets significantly reduced!

One other thing that bears mentioning about Stash tea. In addition to all the great summer teas they have, that we will be serving at our event - they also make hot teas for the cooler weather. Naturally they have seasonal teas. And yes they have specific 'Christmas' teas. Look at these teas. Notice anything?

That's right - they are packaged in real Christmas colors! Bonus points for that!

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