Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

Short disclaimer here: I am probably the oldest of the Team H.O.P.E. and Simply the Breast crew. Well, there are members that were born years earlier than me, but they are hip and cool in a way I can only imagine. I don't realize how old I truly am until I find myself tsk-tsking and tut-tutting some new development. As I was last Saturday.

Once again we need music and imagery from the 70's. Think about the perennial favorite, "A Charlie Brown Christmas". Remember when Charlie Brown and Linus went off to fetch a tree. One of the little girls suggested they find a pink tree. Allow us traditionalists a moment to shudder.

I am most certainly NOT dreaming of a pink Christmas. Yes, I know - when we first posted info about our Christmas in July Tea we did have a picture at the bottom of the post of a pink tree. That is because we are raising money for the 3-day walk for breast cancer and by law we are required to saturate our lives with pink! But in reality if I had that pink Christmas tree in my house I would have nightmares! Christmas trees are green! Duh! (and snow is white - I'm not sure who thought up the idea of selling fake snow in pale green and pale pink - that's just wrong!)

So even though we have some pink Christmas ornaments for sale we are not doing a whole pink Christmas thing. We know that red and green are true Christmas colors.

So last Saturday I was at our local Hobby Lobby buying clear ornaments and you know what I saw? Rows and rows of black Christmas ornaments and garland and decorations. I was shocked. I was appalled.

I've gotten used to black bridesmaids dresses - even though I wouldn't go there. I understand why teens wear black cocktail dresses to the prom (I don't like it; prom dresses should be pastel colored clouds of youthful innocence just bordering on grown up elegance, but I understand it) But black christmas stuff is just too too much! Here is what one of the websites selling black holiday gear had to say on the subject:

Sleek and stylish, the Glossy Black Ball Ornament offers you an excellent way to update your Christmas tree decorations. With its shiny black surface and round shape, it’s a simple yet sophisticated approach to a classic holiday ornament. Add it your Christmas tree for a more contemporary look.

Oh please. Why does Christmas have to be contemporary? If you have a sleek and stylish tree you are going to be hesitant to hang the green and red glitter ornaments your kids made in kindergarten and that is just too sad for words.

So when you come to our Christmas in July Tea please do not expect a sleek and sophisticated display. Some of our consultants will have contemporary items for sale but, with the exception of the pink ornaments we have to have, we are showing our christmas spirit in christmas colors!

Okay - I've just been informed that our christmas napkins are pink and red. What is the world coming to? Tsk Tsk!


Jillian said...

I agree with you on the black ornaments. Tsk tsk! Shame on the buyer from Hobby Lobby.


Anonymous said...

to be honest i like them!.... i think they look very elegant!... my christmas colors are black, silver, white and light green.... of course i wouldnt JUST have black decorations but as an accent color, it is very chic!....

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, get over it. If you don't like it don't buy it!
Not everyone in this world is the same and some people like to express themselves in an artistic way.
I hate people who try to be carbon copies of each other.

Anonymous said...

I always have a different theme for my Christmas decorations and this years just happens to be a color theme of Red, White and Black. Once I have kids I'll let them have there own tree to decorate how ever they wish but me I like a well groomed thought out tree scheme :)

TEAM H.O.P.E. said...

Dear Anonymi,

We wold love to see/post pictures of your Red, White, and Black theme if you felt like sending them. We can be quite snarky when it comes to vague concepts but we are generally nice about real live people.

And truth be told, some members of Team H.O.P.E. are also into 'well groomed' and 'thought out'.

Have a gloriously colorful day!

Anonymous said...

I am actually doing a black and silver tree this year. I always to theme trees, last year I did red and white, the year before it was "country christmas" with lots of plaid, cranberries, raffia and wood ornaments. Until I have children who will get to decorate my tree, I enjoy picking a theme and running with it.

I don't think that black is any less of a Christmas color than pink...