Thursday, July 10, 2008

Remembered Things

We love all our supporters equally. We don't have favorites. As such we are sometimes reluctant to write about one of the companies that have donated to our events for fear of hurting the feelings of the others.

And yet. . . .

Sometimes we meet people who not only give us stuff but who give us encouragement and special treatment and just make us all warm and fuzzy. In a good way - not a wool sweater in the summer way.

Miss Jeannie and I requested a donation for our
golf tournament from Things Remembered at the Arizona Mills Mall in Tempe. They said yes, and also said they would donate a gift for our Christmas in July tea. (Which is July 26th from 2 to 5 at the Baptist church on Arizona Avenue just south of Queen Creek!) The district manager told us to go to the store to finalize the donation, so we did.

Everyone at that location is incredibly friendly and helpful. In particular is Jeana the manager. She asked us what we wanted. We really liked this cute frame.

Jeana agreed that that would be nice, and said we should also include the matching lipstick case.

We thanked her and she asked if we wanted a tote to put the items in. It was pink and cute so what do you think we said?

Than Jeana suggested one of the bracelets or key chains to attach to the strap to make it just that much more appealing.

Then she added that a snow globe music box would be a nice addition since this is a Christmas event. She had the perfect snow globe - it celebrates HOPE!

Needless to say Jeannie and I were floored by such generosity. So we moved onto the golf items which are gorgeous! While Jeana was filling out the paper work Jeannie and I started looking around the store just for fun. Something caught Jeannie's eye and we both had to oooh and ahh over the pink crystal adorned ipod ear buds. Before you knew it Jeana was adding them to our order!

And if that wasn't enough - Jeana also included engraving for the person who wins this package in the silent auction.

Obviously we are grateful for the generousness of the donation - but what really overwhelmed us was how genuinely supportive of the cause and of our efforts Jeana and her staff are.

So if, after attending our Christmas in July event, you are still a few gifts short of having all your Holiday shopping done may we recommend a quick trip to Arizona Mills to finish your shopping at Things Remembered?

Have a warm and fuzzy day!

PS - as you can probably guess from the number of pics I've uploaded in the last few days - I did find my media card plug in thing. Remember how I promised pictures of the
ceramic knife? What was I thinking? Obviously a big company like Kyocera is going to hire PR folks who can take a decent picture - why I thought I could do better is a mystery. It's just that the knife is so lustrous and gorgeous in person and so plastic looking in the photos. In the pictures I took the knife looked plastic, as did my paper thin tomato slices! (And again I have to ask why a person would want tomato slices paper thin) So I guess you'll just have to come to our events to see the knife for yourself. I warn you though - you will be smitten!

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Kelvin said...

All these are so cute and memorable gifts!!