Wednesday, July 9, 2008

That 70's Team - the series continues

Okay - Yesterday we told you about our tie dye passion!

Funny how teaching kids an important life skill looks a little bit like exploiting child labor.

I promised you that today I would show y'all the finished shirts. Well if you look at our young friend in the picture above you will see he is wearing one of the original batch. That is one of the cool things about tie dye, especially our trademark pink and black tie dye - it transcends masculinity and femininity, it simply is.

Remember the little boy in yesterday's post who simply wanted more dye? And more dye? And more dye? Well Tina N. in the above picture is wearing a shirt he dyed last time. I think the kid might be on to something. Forget that nonsense about less being more. Less is less and more is more. And more is usually better!

Although I guess some shirts still look good with a more subtle application of color:

That is the next batch, already washed and dried and simply awaiting ironing. If you come buy one of our shirts on the Nineteenth of July from 6:00 Pm to 10:00 PM you should feel most honored - we don't iron for just anyone!

A sleeveless shirt for those that noticed it is 106 degrees out there!

Obviously the kids have done a fantastic job and worked well together. No one squirted dye on anyone else or on the dogs!

But I know you are wondering if the Ladies of Team H.O.P.E. work well together? Do we squabble or do we sing a harmonious song together as we toil? Well, they won't let me sing but other than that we get along.

I did have an ever so slight difference of opinion with Miss Jeannie. She wanted to make some shirts with colors other than black, hot pink, soft pink, and bubblegum pink. I believe we shouldn't 'dilute our brand' by bringing in other colors.

You ever try to tell Jeannie anything? It's no coincidence that she is the Team Leader! So she made a shirt with extra colors and I have to admit

it looks fantastic! You can't really see the blue in this pic but the blue and green and black look so wonderful together and the lone swirl of pink is almost what you might call subtle. So I guess maybe Jeannie was sort of almost kind of mostly perhaps right.

Then she went too far and did one just blue and green:

It's awful pretty but where's the pink??? This looks suspiciously like the earth! I told Kristine when we were rinsing that we are trying to cure cancer, not save the planet!! I know Jeannie is an ambitious woman but I'm scared!

Some people have declined to purchase our shirts and have asked, "where do you get the stuff to make them" and, "is it difficult?" Yes, it's difficult. I'm pretty sure that by law you need a chemical engineering degree to do it. And the stuff has to be purchased on the black market by Russian Mobsters who are also ex-KGB.

Or you could just go to
the Dharma website and look at their directions and order their products. And if you have any questions you can call their 800 542 5227 number and ask them anything and they will help.

Just don't tell Jeannie I told you!

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