Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Tonight's the Night" Revisited

I am very happy this cold blustery morning!  Every year we have a gathering at our house sometime between Christmas and New Years to celebrate all that is sweet and buttery and sugary.  I've quit doing the home made eggnog as I have been convinced by our media that it will kill everyone.  (via salmonella, not heart disease!)    But we do have hot-buttered rum and store bought eggnog and what not.  

And sweets; lots of sweets.  I have two new tart recipes I'm anxious to make and am looking forward to seeing friends I don't see as often as I would like.  And even friends that I see fairly often but always in a work mode, like Jeannie and Kristine.  Jeannie has RSVP'd that she will come.  I'm glad because she missed last year's.     (I think that is a correct apostrophe.  How can something so simple and small be so difficult for me and half the English speaking world?!?!?!)

Did I digress again?  Sorry bout that.  I was talking about Jeanie being out of town last year. Apparently she and her husband went to one of those church sponsored weekend marriage retreats.   Not because there was anything wrong with their marriage - - - they just hadn't understood the flier.  The retreat was called "Marriage Survival Weekend!"  Jeannie's husband was apparently the first member in 20 years of these things to bring a hunting rifle and a crossbow to the 'ready, aim, communicate!' class.   Jeannie was embarrassed because she knew it wasn't a survivalist thing!  She was even more embarrassed when she found out it wasn't a contest either!  Well, not really embarrassed; more like seriously irked that there would be no ribbons or medals or trophies.  We've learned not to talk about it to them.   The only reason I'm even bringing this up is because of something that Jeannie told us about about one of the sessions.

Apparently the group facilitator was giving his spiel about how sex is not the most important part of a marriage but that it can be a barometer.  He said that the quality of a couples sex-life is much more important than the frequency - but that frequency is a factor both for diagnosing problems and for ensuring that intimacy isn't lost.

He then asked the group to answer by raising hands if they had sex every single night.  Two of the couples raised their hands.  Then he asked for a show of hands of the people who had sex 3 to 4 times a week.  A fairly large number raised their hands.  About the same number raised their hands for the once a week answer.  When the facilitator asked how many people had sex 3-4 times a month there was still a substantial number of folks.  Even the once a month group was represented by more than a couple of the couples.  

He asked about a few more time spans and when he got to the last category and asked if anyone in the room had sex just once a year, there was one couple raising their hands.   The husband was waving his arm wildly and had a big smile on his face and seemed quite proud.  The facilitator thought this was odd but also realized this could help prove his point about not obsessing about the frequency and concentrating on the quality.  

So he asks the man to stand up and said to him, "You seem like a happy and contented husband even though you do not have sex as often as others.  Can you share with us why you are happy and content with sex once a year?"  The husband grinned even wider and said, "Tonight's the night!  Tonight's the night!"

Okay, I admit it.  That isn't a true story.  It's just that I had used the punchline as a title in a previous posting and so now google sends people looking for the joke to our site - and I thought we would help.  

We will get back to Breast Cancer talk at some point.  There are two sub-topics that we need to cover when we have more time and are in a more serious mood.  We have not signed up for the 2009 3-day walk but we haven't completely rejected the idea yet.  We do have something else in the works that will be unveiled soon.  How do y'all like purple????

Have a sweet day filled with your favorite indulgences!


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