Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Day After Tomorrow

My oh my.  It's actually here, almost.  

As you may know, Team H.O.P.E. and Simply The Breast are not the only teams walking in this thing.  We don't talk much about the other teams because although they are equally committed and brave and all that; they just aren't as much fun as we are!   

No, that's not it.  It's just the way it has worked out.  But if we were looking for a team as fun as we are, these ladies might just fit the bill:

I wish the picture were lighter and clearer.  This is (I believe) team Las Bombas!  Which has merged with team Twin Peaks.  Twin Peaks is actually sponsored by a radio station;  98.7 The Peak.  

I went to The Peak website so I could write something positive here about them.  They had their playlist for this morning.  I recognized only two songs/artists on the list.  Not a good sign.  

However the two songs were good ones; Walk on the Wild Side by Lou Reed and Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet.   You may remember that we posted the Lou Reed lyrics that weren't too sexual here the other day.   

What you may not remember is that of all the myriad and many companies that have supported Team H.O.P.E. and Simply the Breast this year  - one of our favorites is the Margaritaville Cafe!  Where in addition to that cute door hanger at the top of this post, you could also purchase this poster:

 or enjoy a tropical lunch!  See?  This is why I go on about everything being connected.  Seriously, everything is!

I bet you are wondering how/why I found the Las Bombas folks, right?  Yeah well, I'm going to tell you anyway!  I have a friend who I rarely get to see but who I enjoy alot.  She's one of those fascinating people who has enough interests that she can have a conversation with anyone.  She also listens more than she talks.  She is also a Canadian.  She (and Corb Lund) have made me retract any less than positive thoughts I've ever harbored against Canadians.  

She had told me she was walking in the three day and naturally I forgot the name of her team.  I'm also embarrassed to admit that I could not remember her last name.  Luckily her first name is distinctive and the three day walk site has semi intelligent searching.  So I was able to find her and her team and that's where I found the odd picture above.  

When I first referred to our team as Our Ladies of Perpetual HOPE I was just being flippant and irreverent.  For a while we played with the idea of having nun and/or saint names.  Like Wendy could be Our lady of Perpetual Conception.  Jeannie would have been Sister Mary Mojito.  Kristine wanted to be Mother Mary Manischewitz.  But we either got distracted or became respectful; I don't remember which.  When I saw the picture of the Las Bombas lasses atop the rental truck it occurred to me that we were on the wrong track.  We need Super Hero names.  

But that'll be for next year - if there is a next year.  Tomorrow I'll tell you a bit about the 3-day route and maybe share a thought or an opinion with y'all.



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