Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tea, but no crumpets.

As you hopefully already know - one of the wonderful companies donating food to our Christmas in July Tea is Fairytale brownies. Here at Team H.O.P.E. we are all enamored of Fairytale brownies. What's not to love?

Belgium chocolate! Arizona based company! Kosher! Real Butter! Strong commitment to community. (Their favorite charity is a group called Kaboom!) These folks are wonderful! And so are their brownies. They even make a sugar free version.

We also have food being provided by Miss Toni - who is a bit of a legend in the tea party circles of the valley. (We don't have a link to her website here because she doesn't have a site. All her business is done by referral and word-of-mouth. You'll have to come to our event to meet her!)

So many people have wondered why we don't just prepare the food ourselves. A legitimate question I suppose. . . . If you're Martha Stewart!

Seriously, most of us can do a pretty decent brownie from scratch but we have kids and we don't have commercial kitchens, so getting such a generous donation from the Fairy Tale people is best for all concerned.

Also, and I probably shouldn't mention this, some of us have a better grasp on the whole concept of 'tea' food than others.

When we started planning this event we had a planning meeting. (I don't care what our husbands' say - it is important to have planning meetings at places with happy hour specials - it improves our exposure!)

Anyway - we were planning the menu and dividing tasks. I knew we couldn't trust Kristine with beverages - she thought Lemonade came in powdered form, so we asked her to make scones. She said, "Aren't scones the things you hang on the wall and put candles in?" So we put Kristine in charge of napkins. (See the pink Christmas post below to find out how that went!)

Jeannie needed a food assignment that her three sons, her husband, and her dog wouldn't try to get into.

So we put her in charge of cucumber sandwiches.

Now you know why we are having food brought in!

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