Monday, July 14, 2008

Living and Loving

Once again I wish we had music here! Y'all remember the song, Southern Lovin, from the early 70's? Great Song! Recorded by both Jim Ed Brown and the late great Mr. Hank Thompson. The song was written by Chris Wood, James Capaldi and Steve Winwood. Let's just take a moment and all sing along. Loudly!

I've been loved in Cincinnati Evansville and St Paul
All the gals were pretty and I ain't tryin' to find no fault
There's a gal in the Windy City I can't forget about

But if you want to love like you ain't had love
go south south south

Southern lovin take that southern lovin every time

There's a sweet thing in Augusta got the softest lips of all
When she kisses on you you just climb right up the wall
And there's a nurse I know in Memphis got love for a middle name

If she ever gets her hands on you it's
shame shame shame
Southern lovin take that southern lovin every time

Now everybody's heard about that southern hospitality
But that ain't why the sunny south has got a hold on me
There's a teacher down in Dallas I ain't seen in quite sometime
Just to think about her burns a hole right through my mind
And there's a gal in Bogalusa just can't love enough

I'll tell you about her with just three words she's
tough tough tough

Southern lovin take that southern lovin every time

So you may be wondering why we are singing 'Southern Loving' here at Team H.O.P.E. HQ? Because I hear that we have a Southern Loving Home Consultant coming to our Christmas in July Tea. I'm not sure what a Southern Loving Consultant sells but I bet it will be fun!

- Wait! Hold on! Stop the presses!

Seems I had that just a wee bit wrong. We have a 'Southern Living at Home' consultant. That's different.

Y'all know the Southern Living people right? They publish cookbooks, including the worlds most beautiful Christmas Cookbooks. No offense Martha Stewart - you do nice things, but the Southern Living people wrote the book on elegant and sumptuous entertaining!

Yes, I know that book is a few years old. We'll be referring back to the book in a few days on a completely unrelated topic.

Now Southern Living does great books - but they also have an entire line of Home Products. Home decor, organizing stuff, serving pieces, garden items - pretty much everything you need to make your home look exactly the way you always imagined.

So when you come to our Christmas in July Tea be sure to look for Miss Jennifer. Just don't tell her about the whole song mix-up. Thanks!

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