Monday, April 28, 2008

It was the BREAST Garage Sale in Chandler!!

Look! It's me, Jeannie! PennyAnn is sitting on my right side making sure I'm doing this whole "blog thing" correctly. Seems like I'm figuring it out. Now, the real challenge will be if I can do it again when our Logistics Lady is not here.

Thank you EVERYONE for helping out at the BREAST Garage Sale in Chandler. Not only did we meet our goal, we exceeded it! Our Team had high expectations of earning $1,200... Are you sitting down? We made $1,263.30!!! For all you "math people" out there...that's $210.55 for each teammate!

Jesssica, Tina, Jeannie, Kristine and one of our loyal fans taking a break (only because PennyAnn made us) for a photo.

Kristine had to find someone with a higher IQ to help her put together this desk! (You know I love ya!!)



She blogs, therefore, she...ah..."is"???

Way to go, you girlies!!! By the way, when you are THROUGH raising money and supporting the PINK team, how about converting to the ORANGE team?!? We could use some committed money-raising, enthusiastic peeps like you! And we MSer's like to stay aBREAST of things, too...yuck, yuck...

Linda D. in Seattle

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