Monday, October 6, 2008


No, I'm not referring to the '95 movie starring Robert Redford et al.  And I'm not referring to the last post - which was a glorious cornucopia of pink sneakers.  Although the pink sneakers were intended to be a harbinger.   

Sneakers is the name of a local sports bar here in the valley.  In Tempe to be exact.  Sneakers is owned by Keith Quilty, one of the sweetest guys we have met on our journey. 

We're almost afraid to talk about how sweet he is because then other non-profits will rush to him and we would like to keep him to ourselves.  

Not that we're selfish - but it's a tough economy out there and business owners are understandably giving less to charity so they can cover rent and payroll and taxes and other expenses.  

Alas, we don't have Keith all to ourselves.  I guess another 3-day team has already held a car wash in his parking lot.  Keith not only provided water and parking and what not - he was also out there washing cars with them!  As I mentioned, he's sweet!  

He is allowing us to invade (No, not invade.  Visit.  Yeah, visit) Sneakers for a signature
 Team H.O.P.E. / Simply the Breast event:

Join us on Friday, October 17th

From 5:00 PM until they throw us out (9 ish)


Sneakers Sports Grill

1470 East Southern in Tempe

Northside of Southern, West of  McClintock


Drink Specials

Breast Trivia





All Proceeds benefit 3-day walk for Breast Cancer

 More fun than a cold mammogram – we guarantee it!

This is going to be a seriously fun and goofy evening.  We have yet another signature drink; Nipple-ita!  A yummy pink tequila concoction.  

The Team Trivia hosts have promised to add some fun breast trivia to their regular games, starting at 7:00 PM.   

Speaking of sneakers - apparently some people did not care much for our pink sneaker collection in the last post.    What could be more fun than pink shoes?  (asks the barefoot woman)  So sometime in the not so distant future we will have a shoe post like no other shoe post.  

(One would think that that would be a fairly easy thing to lay claim to - because how many shoe blog posts are there?  Oh my goodness, there are people who blog about shoes every day.  I'm assuming they enjoy it and are not being held captive at gun point by the shoe police - but blogs dedicated just to shoes?  Blogs; plural.  I guess there is enough shoe news out there that more than one blog is needed.  Once again I am reminded of how much I love/fear the internet!) 

At the top of this post I stated that this post was not about the movie, Sneakers.  True.  But we will be returning to the movie at a later point.  You know how there are strange people who are given to conspiracy theories and believe every thing is either cosmically or criminally connected? Well, at Team H.O.P.E.  that person would be me.  

But the shoes and the conspiracies are for another day.  Right now we are preparing for our Sneakers Night.  We continue to work the TOUCHDOWN TORTILLA at the Cardinals Stadium.  We have two other places we will be selling our t-shirts.  And of course we are walking.

So I'm just going to sneak on out of here. . . . 


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"Some people" simply have better taste than pink sneakers...or pink anything for that matter! You KNOW I'm from that bootiful orange and brown team...the "Mooovement" team, referencing either the bovine or the bowel!

Linda D. in Seattle