Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pink Lights, Big City

Okay - I have a small confession to make.  

I'm not really into  high-end restaurants where they brag more about their architecture  than about their  food.  The sort of places that disdain using decimals on their menu prices.  The sort of places that serve duck confit tacos.  

I also tend to avoid trendy boutiques. I never like the music playing and some of those sales ladies with the six inch heels are a wee bit scary.  

Is there a word for he opposite of a snob?  Someone who dislikes something merely because it is high-class?  If there is - that's not me.  I personally do not want to ever, ever, ever eat Pate de foie gras but I'm glad to know there are places it's available.  And if I were to ever to win the lottery I imagine I would need a $400 handbag to lug around all that cash. 

 It's just that here and now I am into chicken fried steak, peach cobbler, Wranglers, tie dye t-shirts, and the music of  The Highway Robbers.

So it came as something of a surprise to my friends and family that I am making the trek to Scottsdale this month. For those of you not familiar with the valley, Scottsdale is to Chandler what Beverly Hills is to Fresno.  (That should be a question on the SAT)  Scottsdale is just 20 minutes from Chandler; but you get the idea.  

Why am I going to Scottsdale?  And not just any part of Scottsdale; but the very tony Waterfront and Southbridge district?? 

Becuase the amazing people at AIBH are once again hosting  The Pink Light District  ! They are covering the canal bridge with pink lightbulbs.  You can purchase a Pink Light Bulb HERE.   Why do you want to buy a light bulb that you don't get to keep?  It's a fundraiser, silly.  AIBH does some incredible work here in the valley:

The Arizona Institute for Breast Health, a local non-profit organization, offers a woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer a second opinion, completely free of charge. The volunteer team of physicians and medical professionals are breast health experts whose specialties include breast radiology, breast surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, reconstructive surgery, and breast pathology. This team evaluates the best medical and surgical options for the preservation of a woman's life, body and emotional well-being, as well as the continued quality of her life. In a caring, expedient and objective manner, the team will provide a comprehensive evaluation and recommendations for treatment. 

The Patient Advocate at the Arizona Institute for Breast Health organizes the breast cancer cases for weekly discussion and supports each patient through the process.

If that alone isn't enough to make you buy a pink lightbulb - look at what all those pink lights look like:

And it gets better and better!  The specific date that Team HOPE is heading to the pink light district is Sunday  October 26th.  Why that date?  

Remember these folks?

Yes!  The Pink Ribbon Tour is coming home.  There will be a homecoming at the pink light bridge from 4-7 PM on Sunday, October 26.  The Pink Ribbon Tour will be selling t-shirts and collecting donations.  They are allowing Team H.O.P.E. to set up a table and sell stuff and collect donations.  I am so excited about this event that I promised the team I will wear shoes and play nice and even  pronounce all those g's at the ends of words! 

Lookin forward to seein y'all



Anonymous said...

Great Blog! I am thrilled to finally meet you! See you on the 26th ma' dear!


Seriously...when you are done with this little pink 3 day jaunt thingy, will you at least CONSIDER coming over to the dark side of the orange and brown team???

Linda Seattle