Friday, October 17, 2008

Tonight's the Night, Tonight's the Night!

The subject heading is actually the punch line to an old joke.  If you know the joke drop us a line and you could win something.  Maybe a bar of soap, maybe fame and fortune, with Team H.O.P.E. you just never can tell.

We will be there from 5 to 9.  Or thereabouts. 

Our special signature drink of the evening is the NIPPLE - ITA This drink has a tequila base - thus the 'ita',  which in Spanish is used as a diminutive.  So the name Margarita means 'little margaret'.  But just like newspaper people like to use the word 'gate' as a suffix to designate a scandal, we have noticed that many beverage people use 'ita' or 'rita' to designate a tequila drink.  If there was an actual Señor José Cuervo, you know he must be spinning at the idea of what a generation of bartenders have done to his simple Agave distilate. 

Luckily we are not purists.   Not in any sense of the word.  It's a good thing we're not purists or we would never think to offer PINK MARSHMALLOWS!!!  Yes!  Sneakers has an outdoor fire pit and we will have pink marshmallows for those of you who prefer your fun just a little stickier and  less alcoholic.  I guess you could have both a couple NIPPLE - ITAs and some toasted pink marshmallows.  . . . .  If you're Willy Wonka!  I suspect a normal person with a normal sweet tooth would choose one or the other. 
So whatever your inclinations and tastes you want to come to Sneakers tonight! 


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I am now having nightmares in pink...

Linda D. in SEattle