Monday, September 22, 2008

More fore!

Did I mention that we are having a golf tournament this weekend?  It is a bit of an undertaking but it is so much fun!  We have learned so much from Tina J!  Golf is just a whole new world for many of us.  (Professional football is a whole new world for me but we will discuss that later in the season!)  

We have some truly great prizes and auction items!  Apparently we will have two raffles – the normal raffle with tickets that sell for $1.00 each or six for $5.00 (which is a savings of 17% - better than a money market account!)  We also have special raffle tickets attached to the Mulligans that are for a Sedona Resort and Golf package valued at $1000.00

And of course we can’t forget the Hole-In-One prize of a brand new Harley Davidson Motorcycle being offered by Chester’s Harley Davidson of Mesa! 

Even though we will be working at the tournament and not actually golfing we thought we should golf a little bit to get familiar with it so we could be better golf hostesses.  So last week we got a foursome together and headed out to the course.

Jeannie, who is very athletic,  was teeing off from the back tees. She hit a terrifically hard shot.

Unbeknownst to her, Kristine was about to tee off from the red tees and was directly in front of her.

The ball hit Kristine in the temple and knocked her on her derrière. 

To make a long story short - - - we took Kristine to urgent care where a very kind and good looking doctor treated her. 

At one point the doctor came out of the examining room to talk to Jeannie.  "Your friend has a slight concussion.    You said you hit a golf ball and struck her in the temple. Is that correct?"

"Yes doctor," Jeannie replied, "that's correct."

"Well, Jeannie, I also found a large bruise on Kristine's right hip. Do you know anything about that?"

"Yes doctor," Jeannie said, "but it's kind of embarrassing."

"I need to know everything before I can release her," the doctor said. "And don't worry: believe me, I've heard everything."

"Well, OK," Jeannie said. "The bruise was from my mulligan."


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Will any of the girls be ALIVE for the the walking part of this adventure??? Which brings me to my second paranoid question: Will this blog still be running once the big Pink walk is over?!? No, actually don't tell me right now. I can't bare the news good or bad...sigh.