Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hot Ladies

Okay - let's hope that that title does not draw unwanted traffic here.  Some in the blog world believe that all traffic is good traffic.  Well, maybe.  But I hate to disappoint the people who are searching for something other than the latest escapades of our journey.  

So why use the phrase "hot ladies"?  We mean that in the most literal sense!  Since we've added our paypal buttons and since our list of companies that support us just grows longer every day; our little weather widget is pushed way down.   Which means when you read our blog you may not be making note of the temperature.  But that's okay - just keep reading.

We are all in a frisky fall mood here because our temperatures have dropped into the double digits!  Bring on the warm sweaters and the hot stews and the halloween decorations!

Of course if you are walking every day to get ready for the 3-Day Walk for Breast Cancer, it's still a mite warm.  Our over night temperatures are still in the high seventies~ which means our pavement, which soaks up the suns heat all day, never gets below 80 degrees.  Farenheit.  Not hot enough to fry an egg on but still warm by most measures.

So our fearless ladies are still doing much of their walking in the early morning hours.  Jeannie recently sent out an email to come walk with her and she said, "we're leaving my house at quarter to five!  Just 8 miles this time!"

When you're caught up in the walk that seems like fun - but if you step back a moment you realize she is nuts!   

Part of what draws women to the 3-day walk is the personal challenge it offers.  Most women are fully aware of their strengths - although too many dwell on their weaknesses.   The 3-day walk is a physical challenge to be sure, but it is also a feat of fundraising, time management, logistics, and all manner of details that must be tended to.     But the walk is the main thing.  Twenty miles a day for three days.  

In November our temperatures are:

Average high temperature: 75
Average low temperature: 48
Warmest ever: 93
Coldest ever: 25
Average precipitation: .6

Perfect walking weather!  But if you are going to walk in November you have to train in July, August, and September.  

Average high temperature: 105
Average low temperature: 80
Warmest ever: 121
Coldest ever: 61
Average precipitation: .8

Average high temperature: 103
Average low temperature: 79
Warmest ever: 116
Coldest ever: 60
Average precipitation: 1.0

Average high temperature: 99
Average low temperature: 72
Warmest ever: 118
Coldest ever: 47
Average precipitation: .7

So our ladies are training.  And sweating.  And raising money.  And participating in the educational componant of the walk.  And walking.  (There is a little kvetching, but not as much as you would expect)

I was reading an article the other day about the shift from summer to fall.  On person interviewed said that she hated fall because she has to start wearing shoes.  I laughed because one of the good things about fall for me is that I can kick off my shoes!  

Not at the golf course though.  Our tournament will be on September 27th, which is a nice barefoot time of year.  And the course is grassy and beatiful.  But apparently civilized people wear shoes at a golf course.   And shirts with collars.  So we won't be in our tie dye - but we will have another event or two where we will.  I'll keep you posted!

So if you work up a sweat at all this week, please think about the ladies of Team H.O.P.E. and Simply the Breast who are out pounding the pavement to do their part to help find a cure.  But please do not think they are complaining.  We are all very much aware that there are worse things than walking in the heat!

With warm wishes!



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