Monday, August 11, 2008

Game Results

So, we survived our first night at the Touchdown Tortilla at the Arizona Cardinals Stadium.

As Jeannie, our fearless leader, later said, "I discovered I have a gift for pouring beer!"

One of our younger team members, Denise, conned her lovely husband into working the kitchen with her and it was a dream. The kitchen is very small and narrow and not exactly planned for optimum efficiency.

(Okay - this is me refraining from commenting on how much the stadium cost and who paid for it. I'm also refraining from my standard commentary about architects, particularly male architects with a 'vision'.)

What I was trying to say is that the kitchen is small and hot and narrow and not all that well suited to the type of food being prepared. And yet Denise and her husband just seemed to work as one and were calm, cool, and amazingly productive. If my husband and I were were working alone together in a hot little confined space we would very quickly either be fighting or um, well, ah. . . . not fighting.

We probably have to take a poll to determine for sure but I think Denise is the 'coolest' Team H.O.P.E. lady. I know this because she calls us all, "Dude!" It was odd for me at first since no one else I know has ever called me Dude. (well, actually one time my teenage son did call me
dude. It was a strange moment since he was actually offering me praise - which those of y'all with teenagers know is something to be be savored. And yet what sort of self respecting mother allows her child to call her dude? And the thing he was praising me for wasn't really a good thing. I won't go into long boring story here but I want it on record that I DID NOT invent Flaming Jenga!) Anyway, what I was saying is that most people call me Ma'am, but the more I'm around Denise the more normal it seems to answer to dude.

So we nailed the football concession thing and are scheduled again for August 29th - when the Cardinals will be playing against another team!

We are not sure, however, if we will be at the Touchdown Tortilla again. There is some talk of moving us to the main level. We aren't sure if this move would be a promotion or a demotion.

We'll keep you posted either way.

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That little "e" makes all the difference...between being a *dude* or a *dud*!

Linda D. in Seattle