Thursday, August 7, 2008

Are you ready for some football?


We are a little behind here at Team H.O.P.E. HQ! Have pics from Christmas in July that need posting. Have Golf Tournament info. Have two scintillating Pink Ribbon Product Reviews.

But, alas, today we talk about football.

Given that I have opinions about taxpayer subsidized sports stadiums and professional sports in general, and given that we try to keep this blog all positive and peppy - this will be a short post.

In answer to the question, "Is there anything you ladies won't do to raise money?" our team leader (and unabashed Texan) signed us up to work a concession stand at the University of Phoenix/ Arizona Cardinals Stadium.

I guess most of the concession stands are staffed by non-profit organizations. After each game that we work the stadium will make a donation to our cause based on a percentage of sales.

Our booth is #452 on the upper level. The name of our booth is the Touchdown Tortilla!

We will be selling beer and tacos and beer and nachos and beer and burritos and beer and churros and beer and pretzels. Pretzels? Oh, and soda pop too.

Our first game is tonight as the Arizona Cardinals play against the New Orleans Saints. If you come to the game please stop buy our stand and buy a cold drink and a hot taco!

(Oh - and we have received our alcohol compliance training and most of us are moms so if you are underage don't even think about trying to buy a beer from us! We will not only refuse to serve you - we will ground you!)

And in case you are wondering; we are allowed to accept tips but we are not allowed to solicit tips.

Hopefully we will see you all the game! Gates open at 3:00 and the game itself starts at 5:00 PM. Go team!

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Once again, I wished I lived close enough to SEE this! I'm pretty sure the humor of it all would cure what ails me...LOL

Linda D. in Seattle