Friday, October 24, 2008

NOT a Pink Ribbon Product Review!

I first wrote about Carrageenan two years ago.  I was sitting on my back porch reading the newspaper and suddenly found myself reading about 'personal lubricants' in the business section. I was aghast.  And curious enough to keep reading.  Apparently a company here in Phoenix had just introduced the latest thing in personal lubricants.  Carrageenan.

As I read the article I was struck by the fact that personal lubricants were a $130 Million a year business.  (and this was two years ago)  The article said that personal lubrication is a subject many people feel uncomfortable discussing.  To which I wrote, "No kidding!"  (I was more concise back then)  The article was fascinating because I had never once in my life given any thought to the marketing or the ingredients of personal lubricants.  (No, I cannot bring myself to use the term 'lube') As to the ingredients I'll just quote the article (Thank you google cache!)

Carrageenan, which is named for its principal ingredient, a gel-like substance extracted from seaweed.

Carrageenan is used as a thickener in everything from ice cream to shampoo to shoe polish, but according to Kehoe its lubricating properties may be its biggest advantage. In addition to being naturally viscous and slippery, carrageenan is thixotropic. That means it thins under pressure and regains its viscosity when the pressure is released.

"It pumps easily and then stays where you put it," Kehoe said.

Interesting huh?  What struck me was that this substance sounded identical to a thickener one can use when making Tie Dye.  

And trust me - the Dharma Trading price is way cheaper than the Oceanus price!  

Not that I'm suggesting . . . .   I imagine there are differences. . . .  This was just an observation about ingredients and price. . . . .Um, we are not responsible for misuse of. . . . . You know - just forget that last part.  

So anyway - up until the very end of the article I was just reading along in bemusement.  Then the last sentence just smacked me right between the eyes:

He got the idea for it based on the experience of his wife, who after menopause found sex uncomfortable.

Let me tell you - If my husband ever shared a personal detail like that with anyone - much less a reporter I would have to cut his tongue out with a rusty steak knife!  

Why am I sharing all this with y'all two years after the initial article?  BTW the original article was headlined : New product is due to slide out of lab soon

Shudder.  Twitch.  Shudder.

Oh?  Yeah, that right - the point of all this.  And there is a point.

As I stated earlier, in my non-shudder inducing headline,  we are not doing a Pink Ribbon Product Review today!  But I did want to mention that During the month of October, 20% of the net online sales of Carrageenan will go to the Susan G. Komen folks.  

What I like about this promotion is that it is crystal clear how much they are giving, who is actually getting it, and what is required.   So even though we are NOT reviewing this product we did want to mention it! 


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Well, if shoe polish has the same ingredient, I say, "Choose your color wisely!" and lube up!

Linda D. in Seattle