Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More More Fore!

I love golf tournaments!  Who would have thought?  It was months of unbelievably hard work (well, you know, not actual hard work like tarring a roof or digging a ditch or waiting tables or teaching junior high school monsters - but hard work that is completely optional and that you have lots of help with and that you can mostly do from the comfort of your own home) but it was well worth it.  Our teams made lots of money for a great cause and our golfers had a great time and won some very cool prizes.  Pizza!  

Our grand prize was a golf/resort stay package valued at over a thousand dollars.  I won't print the name of our winner in case she (or he) was planning on taking someone other than her (or his) main squeeze.  But I can tell you she (or he) was absolutely thrilled.

I'll probably post pictures and fun little stories about some of our other prizes and prize winners at a later time - meanwhile you can look at our ever growing list of nice companies (to the right and underneath the 'donate now' button.  hint hint) and get a sense of some of the items we were able to offer as prizes.  

The gift basket from Margaritaville was heavily coveted, as was the pink Cuisenart blender.  One of the things we were particulary pleased to give to our golfers was the table centerpieces.  They were a thing of beauty (okay - they were cute) and one person from each table got to take a centerpiece home.  

Each centerpiece held a bottle of Isla Ñ Rum.  I had read the Bar and Drinks Magazine article reviewing this rum and was pretty thrilled to be able to offer such a well regarded liquor to our wonderful guests.  Well - one of the winners turned out to be a friend of my husbands' and I got to taste this Argentinian brew.  Mercy Sakes!  I am not an expert but trust me - I know pleasure!  And Isla Ñ Rum is pure pleasure!  If your local liquor store or club does not currently sell Isla Ñ Rum, be sure to request it!  

The only sad part of our tournament was that no-one won the 2009 Harley Davidson!  We were hoping that someone would - partly because it would be good press for us and partly because it was just such a beuatiful bike that we hated to see it trucked back to the showroom.  If you didn't win the bike but think you may want to buy it or one like it (or even if you just wanted to buy a Harley Davidson Christmas ornament or t-shirt) please be sure to visit Chester's Harley Davidson of Mesa - on Country Club road.  Just a couple miles south of Joeta's Leather!

Here are some more pics.  I hope to get our professional photos back soon and then I'll have more and better pictures.

These pics aren't dark because of bad photography - they are dark because it was dark outside!  Registration officially started at 6:00 AM but Tina warned us that some folks would be there early.  They were.  

See?  Told you it was beautiful! All shiny and chromed and leathered!  

Superstition springs is a very nice facility - and their people are so sweet and helpful!  

Here are a few of our guests:

And here are some pictures of us!  When the loudspeaker guy was introducing the tournament right before everyone took off to golf he thanked Tina J by name (which made sense since she was the main contact person - and it was her name on the contract) but he didn't mention the rest of us since he didn't know who we were and since it would take too long to name all of us.  So he referred to us as 'her volunteers".  Tina and the Volunteers ~ Dave Barry thinks that would be a great name for a rock band.  So if this walking thing dosen't work out for us you may see us on one of those talent shows!  We'll keep you posted!


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