Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Lemonade Chronicles: The Final Chapter

I had a Serbian gentleman come to dinner one time, years ago, when I was living in a dusty border town. Tall and good looking in a John Larroquette sort of way. It was from him that I first heard the term, “Bukrah inshallah” which translates to , “Tomorrow, Allah Willing” which as you may imagine is not an airtight promise.

Since then I have heard the remark, supposedly from a Clancy novel,

“insh\'allah carries the same meaning as mañana, but without the urgency.”
Which is hilarious if you’ve ever experienced true Mañana.

So when, on Thursday, I said I would finish the Lemonade Chronicles tomorrow, I really should have said,

“so mañana we will review Emergen-C Pink.”
But I couldn’t figure out how to make the little eñe N. And of course I didn’t say Bukrah Enshallah because I would have had to look it up and then I would have had to explain it. . . .

So. Emergen-C Pink. I told y’all yesterday (four days ago) about the proceeds going to Keep-a-Breast. Today we talk about the product itself.

Emergen-C is a vitamin supplement that emphasizes vitamin C and B. It is a powder that you add to water that fizzes. It comes in different formulas and flavors. Emergen-C Pink is pink lemonade flavored.

A 36 packet box of Emergen-C Pink costs roughly 12.00 dollars US. Which is 33 cents a packet. With a recommended dosage of 2-4 packets a day. Every day. Which is a wee bit more expensive than Flintstones Silver. Or was that Centrum Chewables? Either way it costs more than normal OTC vitamins. But less than some of the fru-fru health club concoctions.

Each packet of Emergen-C Pink has 25 calories. Which if you are a Weight Watcher you know is the five calories it takes to go from zero points to one point. Times 2-4 times a day. So if I were to take the minimum recommended dose I would have to give up one Bud Light a day. Just sayin.

Okay, so you think your health is worth from sixty-six cents to a dollar thirty three a day and you measure your dietary needs in something other than ‘points’. You want to know more about the product.

Every Pink Ribbon Product Review that we do here will include a discussion about the specific shade of pink. The packaging sports a pink ribbon (surprise!) against a pink background that fades from light to dark. A very non-obnoxious pink. The lighter color pink reminds me of those chalky hearts we used to eat as kids around valantines day. The package also has a picture of a normal lemon that is cut into a wedge, showcasing a pink interior. As I may have mentioned before – there is no such thing as a pink lemon!!!!!!!

So, rip open the foil packet (easy) and pour into glass of water. It fizzes. It is a pleasant enough pink shade, natural looking. Well as natural as can be given that there is no such thing as a pink lemon. I first tried Emergen-C Pink when I had a cold. I’m a firm believer in locking the barn door after. . . . .

Anyway, when I first tried Emergen-C Pink I liked the pleasant tart/sweet lemonade flavor. It didn’t taste like fresh lemons but it didn’t taste like Pledge furniture polish either.

When I no longer had a cold I again tried it. I could taste the vitamins. (Shudder and grimace) I do not like taking regular one-a-day vitamins because when I open the jar the vitamin smell assaults my nose and makes me gag ~ so I think I may be a bit sensitive. My adult son tried it and liked it just fine. Didn’t notice any discernable vitamin taste.

But did it give me more energy? Well, I imagine if I could remember to take it twice a day it might. Or it might not. If you take the four packets a day you will be getting 100% of the recommended daily allowance of Pantothenic Acid, and I don’t think anyone else can promise you that.

Oh, never mind. Seems that Pantothenic Acid is another name for B5. Who knew?

So – on the subject of Emergen-C Pink we are vehemently undecided. I suspect that if you are into supplements you will enjoy the fizziness and all those vitamins will make you feel healthier – whether they make you healthier or not. And if you just aren’t into supplements you’ll never remember to take it so it couldn’t do you any good.

Our next Pink Ribbon Product Review will be the Pink Sharpie! But it may take awhile to write because I have to edit out this huge ZT diatribe that threatens an otherwise thoughtful and well balanced review.

Have a Wonderful Healthy Week!

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Flintstones Silver?!?!? OMG...(ahem. where can I get me a bottle of these gems and does Betty/Wilma have saggy boobs to match their aging vitamin body doubles?)

Linda D. in Seattle