Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Welcome To TEAM H.O.P.E.

There are eight (or maybe nine) of us making this happen. Six of us are walking, one of us is our Team Photographer, and one of us is me ~ PennyAnn.

Our Team Captain, Jeannie, has named me head of Logistics. Basically I was asked to bake a cake and come up with a party game for the first fund raising party. Then I decided we needed buttons. Then I asked if we shouldn't oughta
have tie dye t-shirts. One thing led to another and before you know it I was promoted. The volunteer world is so much easier to advance in than the real working world!

As the days and weeks roll on I'll be telling y'all more about us, and the other team members will be posting their thoughts and plans and accomplishments.

I met Jeannie and Kristine through the PTO and really got to know them through Cub Scouts. We have three sons each so the opportunity to do something so pink and so female is irresistible. Jeannie's mom is a Breast Cancer Survivor and Kristine's mom is a survivor of cancer of another nature. We'll start our first post with a
quiz. I'll post the answers in a few days so be sure to check back often.

What do:

Cop Cars

Israel Pilot


Sara Lee

Wonder Bra

all have in common?

If you know the answer email us or post in the comments! I'm going to see if I can paste a picture in here and I'll be back in a day or two. Have a wonderful day.

Oh, that reminds me - Today is Earth Day. Aside of doing something positive for the environment I think we should all celebrate by singing Earth Girls Are Easy!

Have a wonderful day.



O' Ma Gawd, Becky!!! Your friend PennyAnn directed me to your blog and what a delight. This is "BrainCheese" typing (MS, not BC, but what do abbreviations really mean anyway?!?). I plan to post a link to your blog (since so many people get directed to my MS blog because I rank on the BC Awareness folks soooo much...because I'm jealous) and perhaps some folks will get redirected here. The ones who could care less about Multiple Sclerosis, but want to save a boob! Which, if THAT were true, they'd be trying to save ME!

Good to see you here...

Linda D./BrainCheese in Seattle

Sara said...

love that pink cake! (came via BrainCheese's link)

Pam Purnell said...

Wow! I LOVE ya'll's sense-of-humor and creativity! Your a wonderful bunch of ladies and I wish I could meet all of you! I knew Jeannie would have GREAT friends that would be involved in such a worthy cause! My sister (Rose) and I (Pam) want you to know we are PROUD of you for doing what you believe in and wish you luck in making your goal! Sincerely, Pam Purnell